Thursday, May 20, 2010

6 Lovely Years!

So, Mother's Day weekend is always a busy one in my family. That's because Jason's birthday and our anniversary are one day apart and one of them either falls right on Mother's Day or they are just a couple days away from it. This month, Jason's birthday was on Friday, our anniversary was on Saturday and Mother's day was on Sunday. Don't ask me what I was thinking when I chose our wedding date. I think I was drunk....on love! Ah, that was corny. Anyhow, on our actual anniversary Jason and I went to dinner with some friends and then we split off from the pack and walked around Victoria Gardens, got me a new top and had thrifty ice cream. Not too exciting, right? Well, we weren't too worried about it since we knew we'd be staying in Lake Arrowhead the next weekend. Check out this view from our room at the Lake Arrowhead Resort!!

His work hooked us up with a free night stay here (long story why) so we were able to enjoy it all without having to worry about paying for it. That night we had Mexican for dinner and I remembered why I don't order burritos at restaurants. HELLO!! It was huge and sadly, wasn't that good. I knew I should have stuck with enchiladas. Jason's flautas were delicious however~
The next day we walked around the hotel and enjoyed chilling by the lake for a bit. We thought about putting on our bathing suits, but we figured the water would be frigid since it's still Spring.

This is Jason's dream home!
It's been 6 years and they have flown by. I feel so blessed to be married to someone who tells me constantly how beautiful I am. A Mom needs to hear that every once in awhile! I'm lucky to be married to someone who is kind and good looking, full of life, good looking, a hard worker, good looking, a worthy priesthood holder, funny, and a good father. Oh, and did I mention good looking? :) Seriously though, I lucked out. The guy is patient and forgiving and I am forever grateful to have him in my life. Can't wait to see where we are in another six years!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa come to town!

We love it when family come to town, so we were excited when Grandma and Grandpa Riley came to visit over Mother's Day Weekend. Kamryn loves spending time with them and this visit was no exception.
While Jason and his Dad spent the morning golfing, the rest of us headed to the train park in Claremont to enjoy the weather and each other. The kids had a great time!

The boy lying down is Kamryn's cousin, Ezra. Look closely through the tunnel and you will see Kamryn.

This is Lyle, another one of Kamryn's cousins. How cute is she!! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Milestones!

My brother, Aaron and my baby boy, Logan have birthdays that are a day apart. They both happened to be celebrating some pretty big milestones (turning 1 and 30) so we decided to combine their birthdays and have one big celebration with the family! (Thanks to Whitney, my sister-in-law, for baking the cake).
Here are the birthday boys!!
Logan's attempts at eating his cake. He eventually warmed up to it.

Opening presents....
Loves the Football, much to his Daddy's excitement.
My brother, Aaron, thought Kamryn's doll was sort of freaky and started taking pictures that included the doll....and now, much to my chagrin, I have to agree that it is a bit "Chucky" like.

A video of some cake eatin' by Logan (with a cheering section from his Uncle Dave) and a salute to the deliciousness of the cake from Michael (a cousin).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Off to the Zoo

Jason and I thought it would be fun to take the kids to the L.A. Zoo and Logan's birthday was a good excuse to make it happen. Not that we needed an excuse....Anyway, we got there before it opened and the kids were getting antsy to get inside. We were grateful we got there when we did, because when we left, there was a line to get into the parking lot that was backed up all the way to the off ramp onto the freeway. The majority of the parking lot was closed for construction and it wasn't pretty, so we're glad we avoided it. Nothing but good times at the zoo.....
Yes, the flamingos were that exciting! (check out the video if you don't believe me)

Checking out the zebra....Kamryn's favorite zoo animal.

Oh, and maybe one tantrum following this picture that was taken of Kamryn on the camel. It wasn't pretty.
Crazy Flamingos....Kamryn couldn't get enough of them.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A year to remember!

This little boy is the light of my life. Sounds cheesy, but he has been a blessing to this family in soo many ways. We had to wait just a little bit longer than we wanted to finally be given a second child but he was worth the small wait.
If I could describe Logan in one word, it would be "sensitive." Notice the tears in the above picture. You take something away, he gets say "no" to him or get a little firm, he gives you that sad look. Yet, behind that sensitivity he is all boy. He loves to climb and move and he even grooves to a catchy beat. His favorite thing is to hold any ball and walk around with it everywhere. He loves golf balls, footballs, etc...and will crawl or walk around with one in each hand. He also loves to put things in his mouth....and then keep them there. He's walking pretty well now, and his new trick is to kick a ball with his feet. I think soccer is on the horizon.
He's still small and lean, but he is as cute as they come and we love him to death. Happy Birthday to our "Bubba!"
On his birthday, we kept it simple and took the kids out for some "chicken stars" at Carls Jr. The real action is to come later!

Sometimes I feel left out of the pictures since I'm the one always taking them, so here is me trying to make myself feel better by being lame!