Friday, April 27, 2012

Beautiful Girls

Love my boy!

Such a handsome devil!

Raising her right...

Nothing like falling asleep with your scriptures.  :)

Annual Disneyland Trip

Okay, so we have been using Jason's phone to talk all of our pictures lately and it has taken too long, to get them on the computer.  Anyhow, we took this trip to Disneyland almost two months ago now.  It was one of our more dramatic trips to the Happiest Place on Earth, however, we wouldn't know it by looking at these pictures!  It was Maryn's first trip, and she got the royal treatment from the Mad Hatter and Alice. :)  

 Casey Jr. Train!

 It's A Small World After All!

Logan and buds! :)
 Our favorite ride of the day...The Little Mermaid ride.  It's fun to try new things!
We discovered that day that Kamryn had a bladder infection and Jason was coming down with something that knocked him down a bit that day. He ended up taking a nap on a bench while I took the kids on the storybook boats.  He felt better after that and we were able to stay the rest of the day.  We ended the day by watching the new parade which was awesome.  Oh, and we saw J. Lo too.  Jason got a picture of her, but you can barely tell since its a profile shot so I didn't bother posting.  I almost followed her into the restroom, but Jason convinced me that was creepy. Haha!  Anyway, can't wait for next years trip.