Saturday, March 24, 2012


President's Day

Paying Tribute to George Washington and the three cornered hat. :) Kamryn made it at school. Looks good on them.

Saying Goodbye

So, our family had to say goodbye last month to our close friends, the Bartletts. Clint, the Dad, got a job offer in Nebraska, which is where he is from, so they took the offer and were gone within weeks. We have been friends with the Bartletts for the last 5 years and we miss them tons! The picture above, which blogger is not letting me move around, has Blake and Colin Silagyi, my kids, and Jack Bartlett. As you can see, Logan looks up to him. :)

Logan and Eli; best buds!

Mary and Amy will most likely kill me for posting this picture since we were all crying messes, but sorry ladies. This is the only one I have of the three of us so deal. :) Love ya Bartletts! Come back and visit soon.