Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentines Recap!

I took no pictures of Valentines this year, but I should have. It would have shown Jason in the kitchen pretty much all day. He hadn't had much time to get out and search for a gift for me, so he decided his gift to me would be taking care of everything all day. This included meals and Kamryn and cleaning up after both. He made me a yummy breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and OJ and served it up for me and everything. And then he cleaned up EVERYTHING when he was done. He even cleaned a few other things in the kitchen since he was on a roll. He took care of lunch and then we ordered food for dinner, however, I'm blanking on what we had. He felt so bad for not being able to get me a material gift, but little did he know that what he gave me was exactly what I wanted. I love you babe! You rock my world! (and I hope you enjoyed the Disneyland fudge I got cost me a day in court). :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who knew a picture session could go this well?

Friday, February 13, 2009

My license is what?????

So, yesterday could have been that perfect day. It started with Kamryn and myself lounging in our pajamas, reading books, watching a movie, etc....and around lunchtime I decided we should get out and head down to Disneyland. Kamryn has been difficult to put down for naps lately, so I wasn't in the mood to go through that. I figured we'd go to D-land and she would either sleep on the way down or in her stroller. She did neither, but at least we were out doing something so it didn't bother me as much. We rode on a few rides, stopped by the Disneyland hotel to visit my friend Karissa who was staying in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" suite for Valentines weekend (Her husband works at the hotel and hooked them up and it was awesome!), and I even spoiled myself by getting my favorite thing to eat...the Safari Skewer (Bacon wrapped asparagus cooked on the grill...yummy). So, all was well.

I got on the road to go home and there was traffic but it wasn't bothering me. I was in the carpool so it wasn't terrible and I was really in no rush to get home. Kamryn finally fell asleep so I knew it would be an easy transition to bed. Well, I got off my usual exit (Central) and was almost to Foothill when I got stopped at a Routine Checkpoint. No big deal....took out my license, waited my turn, handed it over to the cop and that's when my night went to pot. He just stared at me and finally announced that my driver's license had expired. It was my turn to stare back. I had NO idea. He gave it back to me so I could see for myself, and there it was...."Expires 9-19-08." Almost 5 months ago. I started to feel very warm and flustered and after explaining to him that I honestly did not know and never received anything in the mail he had me pull over. He actually had me pull over to one spot, comes and talks to me, and then has me pull over to another spot. By the time I got into the second area, I became that girl and tears started to fall. When he came back with my ticket, my hands were shaking and I could hardly speak.

The officer was nice enough not to have my car towed and in the end, ended up letting me drive straight home. ( I think having Kamryn sleeping in the back of the car helped that scenario and the fact that I was pregnant may have too). But he still gave me a ticket that was not just a "Fix it" ticket, but it requires me to have to go to court to pay a fine and I guess, explained what happened. Umm..I'm an idiot and never noticed and my license still had my old address number on it and I guess I never changed that address with the DMV so nothing in the mail came to me to remind me. Well, needless to say, I was a wreck when I got home. Jason has been wonderful and supportive and never once accused me of being mindless or whatever. The DMV was a pain today, but I did it and have that part done. Now, onto the court issue. Seriously, I have to talk to a judge? Maybe my water will break and he'll dismiss everything to let me have my baby in peace. Or maybe he'll be a Jail Baby?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some time in a tutu!

My friend, Karissa is one of those crafty girls, always wanting to learn new things and she spoils me many times with her creations. This time around she learned how to make a tutu. She made one for Kamryn and one for my sister's baby girl who is due to arrive any day now. So, I had to show some of the pictures we took of Kamryn in her tutu and of my friends baby boy who was a good sport and tried on the baby one for us. Classic!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Sisters, Sisters, never were there such devoted sisters...."

One fun thing about my pregnancy this time around is that both my sister and I have been pregnant at the same time. We live about an hour away from each other so we try to get together as often as we can and we have been trying to help each other out as best we can. It's been fun sharing ultrasound stories, doctor visit stories, etc... Suzanne, my sister, is having a girl this time around (she has two boys currently) and I am having a boy this time around so we've been giving each other tips about how to deal with the opposite sex. Anyway, I was able to go to Suzanne's baby shower. It was really nice and she got tons of presents. It was nice to meet her friends and just relax and enjoy all the cute baby girl clothes and such that she got.

Just a side note, we did not purposely just happened we wore the same color so there you go. And for those who have been waiting, here is a picture of my belly. Please note that Suzanne is 3 months ahead of me. :-) Oh, and isn't that cake awesome!!!!???