Monday, November 24, 2008

LA County Fair

Yes, it was soo long ago, but I still want to record it for journalistic integrity. It did happen and I have pictures to prove it. That was the first week of my long journey through pregnancy sickness. We had received free tickets from our wonderful friends and even though I felt like crap, I was determined to not let those tickets go to waste. I didn't want to deprive my family of a fun evening out either. So, we went and really had a great time. We enjoyed walking around, watching the mini parade, going to see all the animals and enjoying a funnel cake to end the evening.

I always wanted to be a chicken. (Anyone ever see "Return to Oz") :-)

Our very last stop was to visit ZOLTAR!! We even forked over our precious quarters (laundry money) to get our fortune told by this wise piece of almost real-like machinery. Was it worth it? I'm still asking myself that question.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Re-living my 30th!

Now that I'm feeling a tad bit better, I thought I'd slowly start catching up on the last couple of months events. The first beginning with my 30th birthday celebrations. My wonderful husband planned two surprise events: one with friends from my ward and the other with some family at Claim Jumper.

It was awesome to have some of my good friends around to celebrate my special day. Thanks Teresa, for letting us party at your house.

Thanks Karissa for making such fabulous cupcakes and taking the time to decorate them all so wonderfully. If you guys look closely, you'll see a Disney cupcake, a music cupcake, a "Wicked" cupcake, and a Lakers and Angels cupcake! She knows all my favorite things! It was awesome. Thanks Jason for getting my friends together, buying everyone pizza and making this such a special night.

And thanks to my family for also celebrating with me. A special thanks goes out to Aaron and Whitney, who took time out of their day at Disneyland to celebrate with me. That meant a lot guys! Love you all and thanks to everyone who made my birthday rock!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's just get it out there!

So, since most everyone knows now I'll just get it out there so then everyone really knows and so that everyone understands why I hate blogging right now. I'm pregnant....about 14 weeks pregnant and I heard the strong heartbeat last week. :-) I'm also sick. SOOOOOOOO grateful to be pregnant after a year of trying and I wouldn't trade being sick for anything if it means I get to have another child. However, this blogging thing is really the last thing on my agenda. It's all I can do to just sit here and type this right now. I'm hoping that the sickness will end soon and my enthusiasm for my old way of life will return. I'm sure Jason and Kamryn are hoping to get their wife and Mommy back.
Anyhow, my due date is May 6th and I'll find out what I am having in about 5-6 weeks so I'll be sure to let everyone know. I do promise to catch up eventually with events in our lives but it will come slowly. Unless Jason becomes more of a blogging enthusiast and he takes over (but he is already doing more than he usually does around here so that may not happen). I should be getting over this sickness hump soon.