Monday, October 27, 2008

So, you're sick of the cookie monster huh???

Well, quite frankly, I'm sick of the entry too....So many things have happened since me turning 30, going to the LA County Fair, picking pumpkins at the Riley Farm Pumpkin Patch and other such events. And being the avid blogger that I once was, it seems unusual to many of you that it has taken me sooooo long to post anything new. Right? I guess it's just a phase....that will end shortly. Just let me take one more week off and then I promise you will get so many new entries you will be sick of looking at my blog. We are taking a little vacation this week that I'm trying to get ready for. After we get back from that, I PROMISE to get to being the dedicated blogger I once was. Until then....go outside! Especially if you live in California. It's a great day to go to the beach (yes, even in October).