Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Trifecta Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving did not come without its challenges this year.  We call it the trifecta Thanksgiving. It started off with an injury at the Turkey bowl.  Jason dislocated his pinky and we had to bandage it up.  Luckily, it did not keep us from going to my sister's house for Thanksgiving.  When we got there, all was perfect.  The kids enjoyed there activities with their cousins and Suzanne and I enjoyed cooking.  That is, until I sliced my finger with the potato peeler and started bleeding pretty badly.  That was painful!

Well, we overcame our first two obstacles and sat down to a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner.  Here was the third part of our trifecta.  I decided to feed Maryn some of Suzanne's sweet potato casserole.  I then tried to lay her down for a nap, and she was not having it.  She was crying and screaming and just not happy.  So, I got her up and the whole family went out for a walk before dessert.  We then noticed Maryn's eyes were really red and puffy and watering.  This was after she was done crying.  I figured she was having an allergy issue like she has had in the past.  When we got  back from our walk, Maryn proceeded to throw up, twice and that is when the party ended.  Suzanne was paranoid it was the flu but when she told me that her sweet potato casserole had 6 eggs in it, I knew that was the culprit.  But, it killed the rest of the evening so we took home some pie and called it a day.  

Maryn's 1st birthday

I think as you have more children, the less documented things become and the less hoopla is given.  At least, that is the case in our family.  Maryn actually celebrated her first birthday twice.  Once with her Aunt Shaina and our family, and once with my brother and his wife.  But not too many pics or really any video was taken.  She wasn't a huge fan of the cupcakes and cake and we have since learned she has a mild allergy to egg whites, so there ya go.  Here are some pics we did get.

We started her birthday off getting breakfast at BC Cafe.  A favorite of ours.  :)

That night Jason's stepsister Shaina came over with delicious cupcakes and we had a small celebration.  :)

 She really loved digging her hands into the cupcake but didn't eat too much.
 Thanks for coming to play Shananae!!  :)
 A couple days later, my brother and his wife Whitney came up and we had another little party for Maryn.  Whitney made the cake.  I thought it was pretty cute!

We did not take any pics of her eating cake, but we do have video.  However it is not posting.  Maybe later....

Precious Pics of my precious kids

So, I have finally caught up to November.  I need to just bust through these next two months and then I will be lifted from the bonds of this blog.  Haha!  These are just some cute pictures I took of the kids in November.  Just scrolling down and looking at these makes me feel incredibly blessed.

 That face down there is a classic Kamryn "snack pack" face.  "It doesn't belong in your face...."

 Bowling is always a hit with our kids!!

 Check out Kamryn's missing teeth!  She lost her front tooth and it the new one has yet to come in.
 This was probably a few weeks after we started bathing Maryn in the big tub...however, she freaked out so she bathed in the big tub in her little tub.  (She has since graduated from the little tub).
 How cute is Maryn on this miniature rocking horse.  I was so tempted to buy that thing on the spot.