Thursday, April 30, 2009

Logan Samuel Riley

Here he is folks, for those of you that don't do the facebook thing, then the blog will have to do. We will certainly write more later, but for now lets just tease you with some pictures and some brief info:

7 lbs 15 oz
19 inches
dark hair
big time chin dimple
what appear to be blue eyes...

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sentimental Musical Monday

If anyone needs a new lullaby to sing to their children at night, here is mine and Kamryn's favorite. No matter what songs we sing, we always end with this one. They only had a sing along version, but this way you can memorize the words. :-) Gotta love this super nanny!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Go Time......

This belly is as big as it's going to get. If my doctor has predicted correctly, I'll be having this baby in less than a week. Let's pray she is right, because I'm feeling pretty cooked and I'm ready to see this baby boy we've been waiting for! Hopefully, my next post will be pictures of Logan. :-)

Whitehead Leadership Society

I am the proud wife of this good looking guy who, last weekend, was inducted into the Whitehead Leadership Society at the University of Redlands. His classmates were asked to nominate one person from their class to receive this honor and Jason was their top pick. I think it is pretty cool and though the name of the society leaves something to be desired, I'm proud that my husband has displayed the qualities that make him a leader in our society. :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday Blessing

It was a special Easter Sunday this year. Our new niece, Hailey, was blessed that day in my sister's ward and Jason and I were glad we could be apart of it. How cute is she?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Colorin' the eggs!

This was the first year that I think Kamryn was really involved in coloring the eggs. One of Kamryn's favorite things to eat and cook with Mommy and Daddy are eggs, so I think she enjoyed this new way to enjoy the wonderful egg.

I love this picture of Kamryn and her Daddy! And yes, there was a shirt change. I decided this blue shirt was more ok to get dirty then the previous shirt. She looks cute either way! :-)

She loved watching the tablets fizz and turn into color when the vinegar and water was added. It's like magic.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Musical Monday

This last week, I found myself perusing a friend's blog after finding out he bought a home. This isn't one of the normal blogs I always look at since most of his postings are over my head, intellectually but I wanted to check out the home he had bought. As I kept scrolling down, I found some poems he had posted that he had written years ago, back in the Claremont singles ward days. I loved those days and that's when he and I were good friends and hung out frequently. I remembered driving down with him to meet up with some friends to go camping and on that drive, he introduced me to a band I had heard of, but never paid much attention to. They have now become one of my favorite bands and even Jason will tell you that they are one of those few bands who can calm me down and put me in a great mood. This song is always played in the car when its a beautiful day outside. I love her voice! Try not to like it, I dare you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gettin' Hitched

A couple weeks ago, I was able to attend my friend's sealing in the Los Angeles Temple. Jason was wonderful and watched Kamryn while I went in and witnessed the sealing (which, of course, was lovely to be apart of. (Courtney, that words for you). :-) I don't think Jason had too much trouble though. It seemed like Kamryn was pretty entertained playing and running around the temple grounds.

Here is the happy couple and I love Courtney's dress. She had it made and she looks gorgeous in it. I had a great time at the wedding and at the reception. She had a Live Karaoke Band, which was a big hit. Any other time, I would have jumped up and rocked out...but I was feeling a little awkward with my belly. Wasn't feeling cute enough to be a rocker. (and feeling a little chubby). Maybe another time. I was just glad to be there, hanging out with friends, eating delicious food and celebrating the night away!